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I learned about something new today…blog carnivals. Who would’ve thought?  This was goal #2 in the #30Goals challenge from Shelly Terrell.

Blog Carnivals - What Fun!

Blog Carnivals - What Fun!

A blog carnival is simply a listing of several blogs on a particular topic.  One blog hosts the carnival so that readers can find other blogs that might suit their needs.  For example, I might host an educational technology blog carnival here at “The Techno Tiger.”  Bloggers would submit their blogs to a specific blog carnival form.  I would then post the blog title, URL, and a small excerpt from the blog.  I would do this for all blogs that are submitted.  Readers then attend the blog carnival and choose new blogs that fit their needs.

So what was the challenge for goal #2?  The challenge was to submit your blog to a blog carnival.  Will I do so?  Probably not…yet.  Do I feel that I have valuable things to contribute to the world of technology? Sure, but do I believe that my blog is ready for that yet?  Not quite.  I’d definitely like to continue to work on my new year’s resolution before I start submitting my own work to a blog carnival.  Will I visit a blog carnival and leave comments? Most definitely.

Why don’t you join me at a blog carnival?  You might just find something you like!

5 thoughts on “Blog Carnivals

  1. Thanks for mentioning and joining the challenge! I will be listing your blog in the next challenge today which deals with new blogs! You are off to a great start with this blog and I’m not saying this to be nice!

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  3. I used to have a blog carnival to encourage people to learn about active learning. My biggest frustration was getting people to participate and submit their blogs. I finally stopped publishing.

  4. And what generous surprise! Tom and I are going to have fun making use of your recommendations in what we need to do in a few days.,

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